How to Jelq For Girth or Length Gains

Jelqing can seriously improve your sex life and relationship with your partner. For the uninitiated, jelqing is a safe and natural way to improve your penis size without surgery or pills. When used in conjunction with a penile vacuum pump, jelqing allows you to quickly increase the length and girth of your penis. With the right tools and some practice, you’ll be able to enhance you and your partner’s experience in the bedroom.

Jelqing employs several techniques to gradually stretch your penis in order to increase its length and girth. Thus endowing you with a thicker and longer member.

Read on to learn more about how to jelq for girth and length.

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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Jelq

For best results, you’ll want to be mildly erect right before you start jelqing. This allows you to achieve a good compromise between being entirely flaccid and being 100% erect. Jelqing with a flaccid penis is ineffective as you’ll not be able to properly stretch your penile tissue. 

On the other hand, jelqing while fully erect makes it extremely difficult to stretch your penis muscles. Forcing them will only result in pain and discomfort. In some cases, this can lead to ruptured blood vessels, internal bleeding and even a loss of feeling.

Never perform a jelqing exercise with 100% erection.

Allow the level of your erection to drop to 80% to 50%. Your penis should be relaxed so blood can easily circulate through it. 

You should jelq with a semi-erect penis. Start by gently stroking your penis until you’ve achieved a mild erection. At this stage, you’re ready to get started.

5-Step Jelqing Methodology

Before You Start:

Get into position by standing up or leaning against the wall or table. It’s important that you are in a comfortable position before you get started.

Use lubricant: Place two pumps of the Max Out Enhancement Serum — or a lubricant of your choice — on your fingers and evenly spread the lubricant along the shaft of your penis. Make sure that your penis is adequately lubricated before getting started. This is especially important in order to prevent chafing or discomfort.
Form an OK shape: Form an O-shape with your thumb and index finger around the base of  your penis. You can use either your left or right hand for this – whichever that you’re comfortable with.
Start moving up: With a firm but gentle grip, slowly move your finger and thumb along the shaft until you’ve reached the tip of your penis. If pain or discomfort is present, reduce the pressure applied.
Stop right before the glans: Stop as soon as you reach the glans. So, going from the base to the glans is one jelq. Every jelq is between 2-3 seconds max. Don’t go too slowly or faster than that.
Repeat multiple times: Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 once per day for 15 to 20 minutes. 

Jelqing Exercise Routine

Jelqing alone won’t help you achieve success. Consistency, patience and discipline all play a vital role on the road to self-improvement.

Excessive jelqing can lead to injuries and other complications which is why your body needs time to rest and recover. Start off with a thrice weekly program and gradually pick up the pace as your body becomes accustomed to the exercises.

Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be consistent in your exercises and treat it like any other gym routine

Start of as follows:

  1. Warmup and Stretches (5 minutes)
  2. Jelqing Sets (15 minutes)
  3. Cooling down (5 minutes)

The exact penis enlargement routine men should follow:

  • Do no more than 1 jelqing session per day.
  • Do 100 to 200 jelq strokes (reps) per session.
  • Jelqing experts can increase their stroke count to 500 or 700.

Whether you’re looking to improve your length or girth size, this method forms the basis of any jelqing program. 

Having mastered the basics, we now take a close look at how jelqing can help you achieve your goals for having a larger penis.

Jelqing Techniques to Increase Girth

Not only does increasing your penis girth make it look bigger, but it also plays an important role in a sexual relationship. A thicker penis allows you to better stimulate your partner’s erogenous zones thus further enhancing both of your experiences in bed.

Here’s how jelqing can help a person enjoy a thicker penis:

1. Jelqing to Increase Blood Flow

To increase your girth size, exercises which take 2-3 seconds, should be extended to 4-5 seconds. Increasing the length of time in which pressure is applied through jelqing causes increased blood flow along the shaft of the penis to the tip.

This in turn causes penile tissue to expand and become engorged over time. Thus allowing a practitioner to significantly increase the girth of his penis.

Care should be taken not to apply excessive amounts of pressure to the penis as it can lead to damaged tissue and ruptured blood vessels. A condition which leads to pain and even a loss of feeling.  

Always remember to exercise within your limits and allow your body time to recover.

2. Try V-jelq

Alternatively, you can do a V-jelq exercise — this exercise focuses on the sides of the penis — to help improve thickness. As an added benefit, lateral jelqing is also able to improve the shape of one’s penis – for a better aesthetic in bed.

3. Use a Vacuum Pump

To get more out of your jelqing routine, you can always consider making use of a penile vacuum pump. When used as a part of your jelqing routine, these devices can help you achieve greater results within a shorter amount fime.

Vacuum pumps work by allowing you to place your penis in a negative pressure chamber. In the chamber, all air is then sucked out which encourages blood to flow to your penis – thus causing your penile tissue to become engorged.

This basically automates the process of jelqing and helps you increase your girth size. However, these pumps are not without risk and can cause internal bleeding or even ruptures.

Jelqing Techniques for Length

Besides improving your self-confidence, having a longer penis has a myriad of benefits. One of the most pertinent being the ability to perform better in bed. So with that in mind, here are some of the ways in which jelqing can help lengthen your penis.

1. Incorporate Stretching Exercises

Jelqing is essentially a penis stretching exercise that is intended to form microtears on penile tissue. From here, the damaged tissue repairs itself and this in turn causes the penis to lengthen.

When jelqing, gently pull your penis upwards while simultaneously pressing down on the base. This lets you gradually stretch your penis outwards thus endowing you with greater length.

However, practice caution when stretching as overexertion can lead to muscle tears and even permanent damage.

2. Jelq in Multiple Angles

For best results, a practitioner should ideally jelq in a variety of different angles and directions- from upwards to left and right. 

Exercising various ligaments and muscles reduces the likelihood of injury and encourages tissue growth – all essential if one is looking to enjoy a longer member.

3. Use a Penis Extender

Traction devices or penis extenders function by mechanically stretching the penis. The head of the penis is secured at one end while the base is secured at the other.

Following this, the user gently pulls on the device to stretch the penis in two different directions and the stretched penis is left in position for 4 to 6 hours daily. This allows microtears to form on the penis which allows it to lengthen.

While clinically proven, extreme care must be taken when using such devices. Large tears can permanently damage the penis and even affect one’s ability to have and maintain erections.

Also, wet and dry jelqing exercises work best for length. However, adding stretching, an extender, or penis pump can help increase length as well. Taking a holistic approach is the best approach to quick results. If you take the holistic approach, make sure to rotate between exercises.

Exercises for Girth
  • Increasing rep time
  • V-Jelq
  • Lateral Jelq
Exercises for Length
  • Dry Jelq
  • Wet Jelq
  • One Hand Jelq

Top 6 Jelqing Exercises for Increased Girth and Length


This type of jelqing is the most common. Basically, you use lubricant while you jelq. This makes the exercise less abrasive and reduces your chance of developing an abrasion. If you opt for this method, make sure you use lubricant and not shampoo or gel as it can irritate your skin.


Basically the same as wet jelqing minus the lubricant. Anecdotal evidence indicates that it’s less tiring than wet jelqing and more effective. It’s also less messy since there is no clean up required.


This technique is done to reduce the curvature of the penis. To make this work, the jelqing involves making the movement opposite to the curvature. It also requires you to have ¾ of an erection.


If you want to develop girth, the v-jelq is the exercise for you as it emphasizes thickness. This exercise is done by grasping the penis with your middle and index finger with the palm facing you. Grabbing the penis with these two fingers forms a “V”, hence the name.

V-jelqing focuses on the penile tissue running alongside the shaft of the penis. When performed in conjunction with the O-style of jelqing, they allow a practitioner to develop a thicker and longer penis.

Fresco in Pompeii depicting Priapus

How to perform a V-Jelq

Lubricate the shaft of your penis with two pumps of the Max Out Enhancement Serum or any other lubricant of choice. Again, this is especially important to prevent chafing or friction burns.
Make a V or peace sign with your index and middle finger. 
Grasp the base of your penis between your index and middle fingers. Ensure that the palm of your hand faces you.
Apply gentle but firm pressure as you jelq your penis from the base to the tip.
Repeat step 3 and 4 for 20 minutes once a day, taking care to not apply excess pressure. Remember: if pain or discomfort is present, reduce the pressure placed on your penis.


This jelqing method is as described by its name. It’s done with one hand, instead of alternating between two. Before you start, press down to the base of the pubic bone for the best results.

How Long Does It Take to See Jelqing Results?

Results vary from person to person. However, many penis enlargement studies show that it takes more than 6 months. Ideally, you should shoot for one year to see some serious results. Using conservative measurements, you’re looking at a 0.4 inch increase in girth and a 1 inch in length when these exercises are consistently done over a year. However, using an extender or stretching can boost benefits.2,3

Jelq Exercises
  • Dry Jelq
  • Wet Jelq
  • V-Jelq
  • One Hand Jelq
  • Lateral Jelq
  • Less mess, effective
  • Less abrasive, comfortable, but messy
  • Helps develop girth
  • Works like dry jelqing, just a different technique
  • Helps improve curvature of the penis

How Do You Jelq Safely to Avoid Potential Side Effects?

Jelqing is a great exercise to improve your sex life. However, like any exercise you need to take precautions. Before you exercise, get to know the common jelqing mistakes.



Ideally, you should warm up before beginning your jelqing exercise. You can do this by taking a warm bath or using a warm washcloth. Most choose a warm washcloth since it’s simple and quick. Warming up your penis encourages blood flow, making the exercise more efficient.


Jelqing is easy to do, too. In technical terms, it’s very similar to masturbating. However, when you jelq you do not climax, nor do you want to be fully erect. You begin by putting your index finger and thumb in an O shape. You then place your hand in this shape on to the base of your penis. Make the O smaller until you put mild pressure on your penis shaft. Slowly move your hand up to the head of your penis. For maximum results, do this once per day for 20 minutes at most.


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To get the most out of your jelqing, adding a stretching routine can maximize your results, especially for length. If you do opt for stretching, make sure you alternate between the two. Don’t do them on the same day as it can cause strain and injury. Stretching is pretty self explanatory. You grab the head of your penis while it’s flaccid. You then pull your penis upward, stretching it out for about 10 seconds.


Extenders work like stretching. The extender device is worn on a flaccid penis for an extended period of time, for four to nine hours a day. There are different products out in the market. The basic premise is you wear the extender, gradually adjusting it to a longer length with each use. According to one study published in the British Journal of Urology, it does work. Men reportedly saw results of 0.9 inches in length1.


Just like any other exercise, jelqing is not without its share of risks. This is why after each and every session, it is important that you take the time to warm down. 

Warming down allows your muscles to gradually transition back to a state of rest after vigorous exercise. All of which is crucial to prevent soreness and to limit the risk of any potential injury.

By warming down, you’ll stimulate the flow of blood to the affected muscle groups – something which encourages healing i.e. faster rates of growth.

Here’s how you can warm down after a vigorous session:

1. Take a shower

Given that your penis is likely covered in lubricant, it’s best that you get cleaned up. Go in for a nice warm shower or bath as the heat will help your muscles relax and improve blood flow. This kickstarts the healing process and will help to eliminate any soreness that you may feel.

2. Towel off your penis

Your penis has just been through a vigorous workout and should be treated with care. To help the microtears heal faster, wrap your penis in a warm towel for about 15 minutes after your shower or bath.


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3. Let your penis rest

Ideally, you’ll want to refrain from any sexual activity 48 to 72 hours after your latest jelqing session. The time off will give your penile tissue time to recover and grow. Any additional trauma may lead to permanent damage.


Fresco in Pompeii depicting Priapus


A lot of men eager to see gains may do too much at first. Trust me, easing in is definitely better in the long term. Jelqing works by hyperplasia — splitting muscle fibers to create more in their place. However, since this is a mild form of injury — like all workouts are — overexertion can cause injury. Remember to stop if this exercise causes pain.


If you’re not consistent with any workout, it won’t work. Jogging once a month won’t help you run a marathon. This analogy is the same with jelqing.


Taking breaks between sessions is important. Recovery is a critical component of hyperplasia. You need time for your body to help build new muscle fiber which allows for penile growth. Only do these exercises twice a day at most to avoid injury.


Many men want results overnight. Jelqing exercises do work. However, they take time and it isn’t a quick solution. Jelqing is akin to losing weight. You need to focus your time and energy. Gradually, you will see results.

Remember to set realistic goals and take breaks. Avoid overexertion and inconsistency.

What Are the Best Jelqing Lubricants to Use?

Always be safe and test the oil before use. Do a patch test to make sure you’re not allergic. Rub a small amount of oil or lubricant onto your forearm. Cover the area with a bandage and wait 24 hours. If you don’t experience redness, swelling, or a rash, it should be safe to apply elsewhere.


Oils tend to work really well for jelqing, since they are not absorbed by the skin. There is also less resistance which helps chafing and fatigue. Many men choose oil because it’s inauspicious to have.


Like olive oil, coconut oil works really well. Many men in online forums prefer coconut oil over anything since it isn’t as messy as other oils or lubricant. Coconut oil is also really great for skin.


Lubricants work really well. However, they don’t moisturize the skin like oil can. If you don’t suffer from dry skin, this shouldn’t be an issue.

a coconut oil

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A word of advice: do not use soap as a lubricant

Being alkali and highly caustic to sensitive tissue, you should never use soap as a lubricant when jelqing. Instead, stick to either oil or water-based lubricants which are neutral and non-harmful.


The road to self-improvement and greater sexual gratification is a long one. However, by staying consistent and working hard, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results of it all.