How To Use Bathmate Penis Pump – Step by Step Guide

Congratulations on being a new Bathmate owner. If you’re looking for basic steps on how to use your Bathmate, this is the article for you. If you follow these instruction carefully, you will gain girth, size, and all the benefits that come with using your new penis pump. For more detailed instructions on how to use your specific Hydromax model, read further below:

  • 1. Relax in the shower or bath for a few minutes.
  • 2. Make sure the release valve on your Bathmate is closed.
  • 2. Fill your Bathmate with water.
  • 3. Place the device on top of your flaccid penis with minimal water spillage.
  • 4. Ensure you create a tight seal between the device and your skin.
  • 5. Make sure your testicles are outside of the device in a comfortable position.
  • 6. Point your Bathmate slightly upward.
  • 7. Slowly pump until the bellows have depressed.
  • 8. Once finished, release the valve to release the vacuum.
  • 9. Repeat every 5 minutes, with a maximum of 15 minutes per session.
  • 10. Massage penis between every break.
  • 11. Repeat and train to gain gains.
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Bathmate Facts You Should Know

Getting started with your new penis pump is probably your first priority. But before you can start, you need to learn a few things about your device.

First, there are three models, the Hydro, the Hydromax, and the Hydromax Xtreme. All three models are penile enhancement devices that work the same way. They use state-of-the-art vacuum technology to enlarge, maintain, and improve erections. They are designed to encourage blood flow, to help strengthen muscles, and promote growth.

Although clinically tested and safe, you do have to take precautions. If you suffer from a medical condition like diabetes, erectile dysfunction, heart or lung disease, high blood pressure, or urinary disorder, talk to your doctor before you use this device. If you have a blood disorder, sickle cell disease, or take blood thinning medication, using this device may be dangerous.

  • Will Increase size and girth
  • Non-invasive
  • Requires No Medication
  • Helps Fight Erectile Dysfunction
  • Takes time to work
  • People with certain conditions cannot use this device

Getting Started

On the top of the Hydro, the Hydromax and the Hydromax Xtreme, there is a control valve. This valve is used to control the vacuum. On the Hydro Extreme, a power pump is attached to the top of the device to control the pressure of your device. This added feature allows you to control the pressure more efficiently. Read the Bathmate PDF for more details. Before you start, practice using your device so you can get a feel for it.

Your Bathmate also comes with different types of comfort pads. When choosing a comfort pad, your comfort is key. If you use it in the shower, the shortest pad is best for shower use. When you use your Bathmate in the bath, choose any pad that feels comfortable to you.

Because of the patented design, you can create a perfect vacuum anywhere. However, the shower and the bathtub are the best places to use your Bathmate because of water access, drainage, and privacy.

Read the Instructions

In order to get the most out of your Bathmate, you need to use your device correctly. This means using your device to its exact specifications. Read the instructions carefully before use. Follow every step carefully and avoid overuse. Failure to do so can lead to injury. When used correctly, the Bathmate can vastly improve your sex life.

Run A Checklist

Before you start, you need to run through a few prerequisites. First, remember to trim your pubic area to ensure you can get a tight and effective vacuum seal between your device and skin. Second, ensure your device is clean before every use.

Important! Although the concept and function remains the same, all three models contain slight variations, so how you use them will slightly differ. For safe use, make sure all parts are in place for your specific model.

Prepare For Use

To begin, fill your bathtub with warm water to whatever your comfort level is. Cold water will not work since you need your scrotum loosen and relax — the cold tends to tense your muscles up. Before you begin, make sure your Bathmate is clean, all parts are in their proper place, and is free from obstructions.

Attach Accessories

Make sure you add the comfort pad or any accessory that comes with your device. If you have the Hydromax Xtreme, make sure the hand pump is securely attached to your device.

Relax and Warm-Up

Whether you’re using your Bathmate in the shower or in the tub, give yourself 5 minutes to warm up in the water. This will help stimulate circulation and enhance the effects of your device. This will also soften your testicles allowing them to be hang below the vacuum seal which will prevent discomfort or injury.

Check Your Bathmate and Fill With Water

Make sure the release valve on your bathmate is closed. This will keep the water in your Bathmate needed to help you achieve an erection. If the valve is left open, the water will not stay in place. All three models have a valve control on the tip of the device. To make sure it’s closed, the tip must be upwards or downwards. If the valve tip is centered, the valve is still open.

For the device to work properly, it needs to filled with water. For obvious reasons, the bathtub is the easiest place to use your Bathmate because you can place the device in the tub under the surface. If you opt to use it in the shower, you still need to fill the Bathmate with water in order to create a vacuum.

Insert Your Penis Into Device

After you fill your Bathmate with warm water, carefully place the device on your penis without spilling any water. As you place your device on your penis, make sure you create a tight seal between your skin and the device.

Use Shower Strap

If your using your device in the shower, make sure you attach the shower strap. This strap allows you the freedom to use your hands to control the device. Make sure the strap is securely attached to avoid dropping and damaging your device.

Set-Up the Valve System

In order to create the vacuum, you need to set the valve to open position by placing the tip of your Bathmate from the up or down position to the center position. This allows the water to be released. If the tip is not set to the open position, the water cannot be released. The Hydro, the Hydromax, and the Hydro Xtreme all have the valve tip on top of the device.

Pump to Pressurize

After you set the valve to open, you can begin to pressurize your device. To do this begin pumping your Bathmate by moving it up and down slowly. And don’t over pump, as this can create too much pressure. Only use the minimum amount of pressure needed to achieve an erection. If you have the Hydromax Xtreme, use the hand pump.

Re-Pump To Maintain Pressure

Over pressurizing the vacuum can injure your penis and can cause severe pain. To avoid this, the Hydromax is designed to release pressure slowly. If used properly, you should be fine, but always be mindful. The maximum time this device should be used is 15 minutes in 5 minute intervals.

After every 5 minutes, take a small break and massage your penis to relieve tension. If it’s your first time using the Hydromax, definitely ease into it. This means doing intervals less than 5 minutes. You might be giddy and want to see results right away, but don’t go overboard and try to hit the max time on your first use. Just like any exercise, start slow. Over exertion, can cause injury.

Remove Your Bathmate Properly! To remove the Hydro or Hydromax, release the vacuum by pressing the valve inwards towards the pump. Make sure you press the whole valve and not just the latch. If you’re using the Hydromax Xtreme, turn the valve cap counterclockwise to relieve the pressure from your device .

A Harder and Better Erection

As you go through your session, you penis should engorged and filled with blood. Although this process is different and might feel slightly abnormal because you’re achieving an erection in this way, it’s totally normal. If you feel any pain or soreness, stop immediately.

Will The Bathmate Help My Sex Life?

According to several studies, a penis pump can help you achieve a stronger erection and increase your penis size as long the pump is used on a regular basis. It can help with ED, but talk to a doctor first to find out if it’s right for you.

When Will I See Gains?

To see results, this process needs to be done consistently over several months. Like any type of training, it takes time and effort. If you go to the gym, you know that any inconsistency will hurt you and all those gains you earned will be lost. So remember to stay consistent and, over time, you will gain stamina, strength, and growth.

What Are the Differences Between the Hydro, the Hydromax, and the Hydromax Xtreme?

Hydromax Xtreme

The most advanced model, the Hydromax Xtreme has a adjustable valve cap and a comfort pad. Even though you pump this device by moving it up and down, you also have a handheld pump for added pressure control. The added pressure control allows this device to work more efficiently and faster than other models. However, the cost of this device is the highest of the three.


The Hydromax comes with comfort attachments which allows for more comfortable experience. This model also generates 35 percent more suction than the Hydro.


The Hydro does not come with a handheld pump. You pump this device by moving the device up and down. However, this is the best selling model out of all Bathmate penis pumps and is the most cost efficient.

To find out more, check out the Bathmate PDF manual here.