How To Use Bathmate Penis Pump – Step by Step Guide

Congratulations on being a new Bathmate Penis Pump owner! You’ve taken the first and most important step towards improving yourself.

How to Use a Bathmate Penis Pump for Best Results

Before getting started, it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the safe and correct operation of this device. Improper operation/usage can result in less than optimum results and discomfort in some cases. For your convenience, we’ve prepared a handy user’s guide to help you along.

Important! Although the concept and function remain the same, different models contain slight variations, so how you use them will slightly differ. For safe use, make sure all parts are in place for your specific model.


Checklist: How to Use the Bathmate Pump in The Shower or Bathtub

Relax and Warm-up

Whether you’re using your Bathmate in the shower or in the tub, give yourself 5 minutes to warm up in the water. This will help stimulate circulation and enhance the effects of your device. This will also soften your testicles allowing them to be hung below the vacuum seal which will prevent discomfort or injury. To begin, fill your bathtub with warm water to whatever your comfort level is.

Attach All Accessories & Check Your Bathmate

Make sure the release valve on your bathmate is closed. This will keep the water in your Bathmate needed to help you achieve an erection. If the valve is left open, the water will not stay in place. All three models have a valve control on the tip of the device. To make sure it’s closed, the tip must be upwards or downwards. If the valve tip is centered, the valve is still open. Also, make sure you add the comfort pad or any accessory that comes with your device.

Fill Your Bathmate with Water

For the device to work properly, it needs to be filled with water. For obvious reasons, the bathtub is the easiest place to use your Bathmate because you can place the device in the tub under the surface. If you opt to use it in the shower, you still need to fill the Bathmate with water in order to create a vacuum.

Place the Device on Top of Your Flaccid Penis

Once you’ve assumed a comfortable position in either the bathtub or shower, insert your flaccid penis into the pump’s chamber. Ensure that the chamber is facing downwards and there is minimal water spillage. Now, gently push the pump against your pubic bone and release the valve to place pressure on your penis. The increase in pressure will pull on your penis and give it a false erection.

Ensure to Create a Tight Seal Between the Device and Your Skin

If you’ve followed step 4 correctly, the water-filled pump should be comfortably mounted on top of your penis. Throughout the procedure, try to move as little as possible – this helps maintain an airtight seal between the device and your skin.

Ensure Your Testicles Are Outside of the Device in a Comfortable Position

Cup your testicles in your hands and make the required adjustments to make sure that your testicles are not hindered by the pump. This allows you to perform the procedure comfortably and will stop you from unintentionally placing pressure on your testicles.

Use Shower Strap

If you are using your device in the shower, attach the shower strap before getting started. The strap gives you the freedom to use your hands for better control of the device and makes for a tighter fit. Make sure the strap is securely attached at all times to avoid dropping and damaging your device.

Point Your Bathmate Slightly Upwards

Now that you’re all set up and good to go, you’ll want to start by pointing your Bathmate slightly upwards. Hold the pump in both your hands gently but firmly. If you’re in the shower, lean against the wall or against the tub if you’re in the bath.

Set-Up the Valve System

In order to create the vacuum, you need to set the valve to the open position by placing the tip of your Bathmate from the up or down position to the center position. This allows the water to be released. If the tip is not set to the open position, the water cannot be released. The Hydro, the Hydromax, and the Hydro Xtreme all have the valve tip on top of the device.

Pump to Pressurize

After you set the valve to open, you can begin to pressurize your device. To do this begin pumping your Bathmate by moving it up and down slowly. And don’t over pump, as this can create too much pressure. Only use the minimum amount of pressure needed to achieve an erection.

If you have the Hydromax Xtreme, use the hand pump. Slowly pump until the bellows have depressed.

Re-Pump to Maintain Pressure

Never over-pressurize the vacuum as it can injure your penis and cause severe pain. To avoid this, the Hydromax is designed to release pressure gradually For best results, the maximum time this device should be used is 15 minutes in 5 minute intervals.

Once Finished, Release the Valve to Release the Vacuum

To remove the Hydro or Hydromax, release the vacuum by pressing the valve inwards towards the pump. Make sure you press the whole valve and not just the latch. If you’re using the Hydromax Xtreme, turn the valve cap counterclockwise to relieve the pressure from your device.

Make a Break and Massage Penis

Every 5 minutes, take a short break and gently massage your penis to relieve tension. If it’s your first time using the Hydro pump, start gradually and slowly ease into the routine – this means doing intervals less than 5 minutes.

While you may want to see quick results, don’t go overboard and try to hit the max time on your first use. Just like any exercise, consistency and patience are key. Overexerting yourself will only lead to injury.

Repeat Every 5 Minutes, with a Maximum of 15 Minutes Per Session

Break up your sessions into three intervals that each last for 5 minutes. During each interval, you’ll want to inflate and deflate the pump for 5 minutes. This ensures that you won’t run the risk of accidentally overstraining yourself.

While you may be tempted to push your body to its limits to achieve results faster, this approach is not advisable. Overstretching your penis can cause injury and significant discomfort. Remember to keep your expectations in check and don’t get disappointed if you don’t see results after just a few days.

Does It Increase Both Length and Girth?

Penis pumps have two major advantages over jelqing. Firstly, the entire process is fully-automated which makes penis enlargement easier and more convenient.

Secondly, the pump applies force to your penis in all directions. Forwards and sideways, upwards and downwards, stretching your penis tissue in several directions thus allowing you to simultaneously work out different muscle groups.

What all of this means is that the Bathmate penis pump does indeed increase both your length and girth. Even better, it does all of this at the same time without you having to do anything else.

Penis pumps like that from Bathmate work by creating a vacuum around the penis which creates a false erection. Thus stretching the penis in a variety of directions and encouraging the formation of microtears.

Microtears occur when muscle tissues i.e. those on your penis, are worked. In response, the body increases the flow of blood and nutrients to the penis in order to stimulate growth and recovery. Thus enabling the penis to literally grow in both length and girth.

This concept has been used for centuries by athletes who lift weights in order to increase their muscle mass and size.

Using the Bathmate Pump for a Thicker Penis

The Bathmate pump is a safe, versatile tool that helps users increase penis girth through the use of water pressure. At the end of the day, it’s all about choosing the right pump for the job. Here, we’ve put together a simple 3-step guide to help you get started.

1. Choose the Right Pump for You

First off, get started by choosing a pump with a slightly wider vacuum chamber. This allows the pump to apply force on either side of your penis shaft to encourage increased lateral growth. It is not advisable to purchase an oversized penis pump as this may affect the seal between the device and your penis – thus reducing effectiveness.

2. Set a Routine

One of the main benefits of the Bathmate pump is that it allows you to comfortably work out your penis in a relaxed environment. It would be best if you scheduled your sessions at the end of the day to minimize stress and distractions.

We recommend keeping to 3 sets of 5 minutes each with a 2 minute break in between – 3 to 5 days a week. Don’t forget to give your body time to rest and recover in between.

3. Keep To It

Like any exercise regime, consistency is key to success. Just like how Rome was not built in a day, you can’t expect to double your penis girth in just a week. Staying consistent in your regime and letting your body grow naturally is the right way forward and will protect you from painful injuries.

4. Supplementary Exercises

If you’re the ambitious kind, you can always opt to conduct supplementary exercises along with your Bathmate pump sessions for quicker results. V-jelqing is a derivative of jelqing which stretches the penile tissues along the penis shaft.

Went from 5.8 inch BPEL (Bone Pressed Erect Length) with 4.75 inch base girth to 7.2 inch BPEL and 5.85 inch base girth.
Unknown author

V-jelqing and making use of the Bathmate pump speeds up the development of microtears along the penis shaft. Thus encouraging a greater rate of growth and letting you increase your girth faster.

Like any form of exercise, overexertion can damage one’s body and the same concept applies when using the Bathmate pump. Excessive use of the pump can result in swelling and soreness in some cases. At worst, it can lead to the formation of scar tissue on the penis which causes a loss of feeling and weaker erections.

Using the Bathmate Pump for a Longer Penis

Besides getting a thicker penis, the Bathmate pump is also able to help users increase the length of their members. Stretching the penis forwards generates microtears which in turn allows the penis to grow in length and improve sexual performance.

From a 2006 study conducted by the National Library of Medicine, a group of 37 men who were given vacuum pump treatment three times a week, enjoyed a mean increase in penile length of 0.3 cm.

Before using Bathmate the length of my penis was average (a little less than 5.4 inches). After using it for four months regularly, I observed noticeable permanent results (a permanent increase of 0.9 inches) even when I took a break from pumping.
Unknown author

So if you’re looking to increase the length of your penis, this guide may be just the thing for you:

1. Match The Pump to Your Penis

For this exercise, go with a pump that has a vacuum chamber that exceeds the length of your penis. Thus allowing the pump to stretch your penis further in order to increase its length.

2. Design a Regime

Stretching your penis takes time and needs to be done gradually. Exerting an excessive amount of force on your penis will only serve to cause unneeded pain and injury. This is why it’s essential that you follow a carelly, planned out regime that conditions your penis over time.

As a rule of thumb, use the pump 3 to 5 times a week when in the bath or shower. Each session should be broken up into 5 sets that each last 5 minutes with a 1 minute break in between sets.

3. Making The Most of Each Session

Fastidiously keeping to the regime will reap benefits with consistency being the name of the game. For even better results, you can consider combining other exercises on top of your pump sessions.

4. Exercising Your Penis

Jelqing is a non-invasive method of penis enlargement that can be done at home without the use of equipment or medication. It is done by stretching the penis from the base to the head using your fingers in order to stimulate microtears.

When performed in conjunction with regular Bathmate pump sessions, Jelqing will allow you to effectively lengthen your penis.

5. Penis Extenders

Having explored the more active methods of penis enlargement, we now look towards a more passive approach. Penis extenders or traction devices work by mechanically stretching the penis over a period of time.

With a penis extender, the head of your member is attached to one end of the device while the base is affixed to the other end. From here, the device is gently pulled by the user in order to apply a constant force to the penis over a period of 6 to 8 hours. This allows microtears to form over time which lengthen the penis.

An advantage of a penis extender is that the device is discreet and can be worn under clothing. While proven to be effective, extreme care needs to be practiced when using these devices.

Wearing the device for extended periods of time can inflict severe damage on penile tissue thus causing swelling and even a loss of feeling.

Will Your Gains be Permanent?

As any gym junkie will tell you, gains are only permanent if you keep working at them. The Bathmate pump helps you build and strengthen your penile tissue with repeated use. Like any other workout, you’ll need to stick with a regime if you want to keep those gains.

Before getting started, your first need to understand that gains can be seen on both the short and long-term. Short-term gains are temporary while long-term gains can be permanent.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of gains you can enjoy:

1. Short-Term Gains

When your penis is stretched for a period of time i.e. after a 30 minute session, blood flow to the area increases significantly. This results in your member becoming engorged with blood thus giving you a small increase in both erect and non-erect size.

Whilst slight, these gains are still beneficial. For starters, you may notice an increase in feeling and a possible rise in confidence thus helping you perform better in bed. Something that should give you the motivation to keep on going.

However, these effects will reside after several hours once the flow of blood has normalized. Thus you should use the pump 2 -3 hours before having sex to make the most of your short-term gains.

2. Long-Term Gains

The human body requires time to recover and your penis is no exception. If you take weights or have some kind of exercise regime, you’ll know that it takes time for the results to manifest.

Hence, the same principles apply to working out your penis. By staying consistent in your exercises and taking care of yourself, you’ll find yourself lasting longer in bed whilst better satisfying your partner.

It is not a sprint, it is a marathon.
Unknown author

A longer, thicker penis allows you to better penetrate your partner and induce more intense orgams. This will undoubtedly be a massive confidence boost and serve to bring the both of your closer together.

Once you’ve achieved your desired penis size, you can cut down from daily sessions to 2 to 3 days a week. This will help you maintain your penis’s size and length sustainably over the long-term.

Bathmate Pressure: Choosing the Right Pump Settings

The Bathmate pump works by exerting pressure on your penis to stretch it out, thus gradually increasing its size. Most Bathmate pumps are able to exert pressures of up to 12 HG or 0.4 bar – which is more than enough for any penis.

Initially, you may be tempted to get started with the highest possible setting – after all, higher pressure means quicker results, right?

Wrong! Applying excess pressure on an unconditioned penis is both foolish and dangerous. More often than not, you’ll end up hurting yourself and seriously damaging your penis.

As a rule of thumb, you should start out at the lowest pressure setting and gradually work your way upwards. Not only does this allow you to accustom yourself to the pump, but it also gives your penile tissue time to become conditioned.

By conditioning your penis first, you’ll be able to “train” it to accept increasingly higher pressures over an extended period of time. Additionally, it significantly reduces the risk of injury which means less time spent recovering and more time spent enlarging your member.

Bathmate Routine: Tips to Safely Use Your Bathmate Pump

The Bathmate is a proven and effective method of penis enlargement. When used properly, you’ll be able to surprise and reward your partner in bed whilst spicing up your lovelife.

However, safety is and should always be your number one concern. Here are some tips that will guide you along the way.

  • Hygiene. Due to the intimate nature of the Bathmate, hygiene is a major issue. To prevent bacterial infection or fungal growth, always thoroughly wash the pump with soap and warm water after each session. Store in a clean and dry area.
  • Housekeeping. To ensure an airtight seal, you want to maximize the pump’s contact area with your skin. Regularly trimming your pubic area will help to ensure a good fit and prevents hair from getting painfully trapped. Additionally, regular manscaping also helps you look bigger down there.
  • Warm up. Just like any other exercise, your muscle tissues require time to get warmed up. Soaking yourself in a warm bath or placing a warm towel on your penis helps your muscles loosen up which helps them stretch further. Limber muscles also reduce the likelihood of painful injuries.
  • Warm down. After each session, your penis is likely to feel sore and tired. Help speed up the healing process by gently towelling off with a warm towel or by soaking in warm water. Gentle heat dilates the blood vessels and encourages the flow of fresh blood thus speeding up growth and the recovery process.
  • Moderation. Your penis isn’t just a piece of meat. It is a highly-sensitive organ with thousands of nerve endings and muscles. Give your penis time to become accustomed to the pressure applied from the pump and never use excess pressure without any prior preparation. Overestimating the strength of your penis is a sure way to damage it and hurt yourself in the process.
  • Take time to recover. As we’ve mentioned countless times, your body needs time to rest and recover. Pump sessions should only last for a maximum of 15 minutes and should only be done once a day. Going overboard will yield sub-par results and lead to unnecessary injuries along the way.

Keeping Your Bathmate Pump in Good Shape

The intimate nature of the Bathmate pump means that you’ll need to have excellent hygiene in order to keep both your penis and the pump in good working order. Here’s our guide to how you can sanitize your pump.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

  1. Start by rinsing your Bathmate pump with clean, warm water.
  2. Use antibacterial liquid soap to thoroughly wash the exterior of the pump.
  3. Lather the liquid soap and scrub the seal and vacuum chamber – use a soft brush if needed.
  4. Rinse down the entire pump with warm water.
  5. Fill up a sink or basin with warm water and add in antibacterial soap or a sterilizing solution.
  6. Place the Bathmate pump into the sink and fill the chamber with water. Allow the water to remain in the chamber.
  7. Ensure that the water is passed through the valve. Repeat 2 -3 times to ensure proper sterilization of the pump.
  8. Rinse the vacuum chamber and outside of the pump with clean, warm water from a tap.
  9. Dry the Bathmate pump with a cloth.
  10. Store in a clean, dry location away from direct sunlight.

Bathmate Facts You Should Know

Getting started with your new penis pump is probably your first priority. But before you start, you need to learn a few things about your device.

First, there are three models, the Hydro, the Hydromax, and the Hydromax Xtreme. All three models are penile enhancement devices that work the same way. They use state-of-the-art vacuum technology to enlarge, maintain, and improve erections. They are designed to encourage blood flow, to help strengthen muscles, and promote growth.

Masculinity is not something given to you, but something you gain. And you gain it by winning small battles with honor.
Norman Mailer

Although clinically tested and safe, you do have to take precautions. If you suffer from a medical condition like diabetes, erectile dysfunction, heart or lung disease, high blood pressure, or urinary disorder, talk to your doctor before you use this device. If you have a blood disorder, sickle cell disease, or take blood thinning medication, using this device may be dangerous.

  • Increase size and girth
  • Non-invasive
  • Requires no medication
  • Helps fight erectile dysfunction
  • Applicable in bath and shower
  • Helps last longer in bed
  • Takes time to work
  • People with certain conditions cannot use this device

Getting Started

On the top of the Hydro, the Hydromax and the Hydromax Xtreme, there is a control valve. This valve is used to control the vacuum. On the Hydro Extreme, a power pump is attached to the top of the device to control the pressure of your device. This added feature allows you to control the pressure more efficiently. Before you start, practice using your device so you can get a feel for it.

Your Bathmate also comes with different types of comfort pads. When choosing a comfort pad, your comfort is key. If you use it in the shower, the shortest pad is best for shower use. When you use your Bathmate in the bath, choose any pad that feels comfortable to you.

Because of the patented design, you can create a perfect vacuum anywhere. However, the shower and the bathtub are the best places to use your Bathmate because of water access, drainage, and privacy.

Read the Instructions

In order to get the most out of your Bathmate, you need to use your device correctly. This means using your device to its exact specifications. Read the instructions carefully before use. Follow every step carefully and avoid overuse. Failure can lead to injury. When used correctly, the Bathmate can vastly improve your sex life.

Will Bathmate Penis Pump Help Your Sex Life?

According to several studies, a penis pump can help you achieve a stronger erection and increase your penis size as long the pump is used on a regular basis. It can help with ED, but talk to a doctor first to find out if it’s right for you.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

To see results, you will have to use the pump consistently over a period of months. Being inconsistent in your exercise will only yield subpar results. Like any type of training, you will need to invest time and effort to see success.

Hard evidence can be seen from a 1995 study conducted on a group of 10 men. Over a period of 16 weeks, the volunteers who were aged from 23 to 57 years old received daily, 10-minute vacuum pump sessions.

At the end of the study, it was revealed that the length of the volunteers’ erect penises increased by 10.5%. Meanwhile, the average girth size also increased by 11.5%. As an added bonus, the volunteers admitted to increased levels of sexual arousal along with elevated libidos.

Thus as can be seen, besides endowing you with a thicker and longer penis, vacuum pumps have the potential to also increase one’s libido. Both of which are extremely beneficial to events in the bedroom.

What is The Difference Between Bathmate Models?


The most advanced model, the Hydromax Xtreme has an adjustable valve cap and a comfort pad. Even though you pump this device by moving it up and down, you also have a handheld pump for added pressure control. The added pressure control allows this device to work more efficiently and faster than other models. However, the cost of this device is the highest of the three.


The Hydromax comes with comfort attachments which allows for more comfortable experience. This model also generates 35 percent more suction than the Hydro.

Hydro pump

The Hydro does not come with a handheld pump. You pump this device by moving the device up and down. However, this is the best selling model out of all Bathmate penis pumps and is the most cost efficient.


Bathmate pump is a safe and effective tool for penis enlargement. With its user-friendly design and proven track record, increasing the size of your penis has never been easier.

As we’ve seen, penis pumps can be extremely beneficial to your self-esteem and sex life. To enjoy the fruits of your success, it is vital that you remain consistent and disciplined in your efforts to improve yourself.