Jelqing: Benefits, Tips & Side Effects

Jelqing is a natural way to increase penis size without expensive pills or risky surgery. Gently massaging the penile tissue generates micro-tears which stimulates growth.

Consistently performing jelqing exercises over a period of time allows a practitioner to increase both penis girth and length naturally.

A larger penis can boost a man’s self-esteem thus allowing for better performance in the bedroom. Furthermore, a thicker, longer penis is able to better stimulate a sexual partner’s erogenous zones thus leading to more enjoyable intercourse.

What is Jelqing?

Derived from the Persian word; jalq zadan, jelqing is the process of gradually stretching the penis in order to increase its length and girth.

Applying the same concepts of building muscle mass, jelqing makes use of our body’s ability to repair itself in order to naturally enlarge the penis

How Does Jelqing Work?

Through a series of exercises and massage techniques, penis tissue is stretched in order to create microtears. This in turn signals the body to send blood and nutrients to the site of the injury in order to stimulate growth.

Also known as microtraumas, microtears will trigger a response that causes cells to replicate at an increased rate.

If done safely and correctly, microtears sustained over time will help you increase your penis’s length and girth. Thus making it look thicker and longer which allows you to better satisfy your partner whilst improving your self-confidence.

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Unlike other methods, jelqing exercises are 100% natural and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Repetitive exercises like jelqing cause low-levels of inflammation which cannot be seen. This is why it is important that adequate time be given to allow the body to rest and recover naturally.

Overexerting oneself or not taking enough time to rest can be counterproductive. This will hamper the growth of new cells and result in a variety of health problems.

To get the best jelqing results, you will need to keep yourself in top physical condition. From getting enough rest to eating nutritious foods, a healthy lifestyle should be a part of your jelqing plan.

Is Jelqing Effective?

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As was discussed above, jelqing involves massaging and exercising penis tissue to stimulate microtears. This in turn encourages cell replication which increases the penis’s girth and length. Thus potentially allowing a practitioner to naturally enlarge his penis.

A study that was conducted in 2008 revealed that penis stretching devices allowed the mean flaccid penile length of subjects to increase by nearly 20 percent. To be precise, penile length increased from 8.8 cm to 10.1cm and 10.5 cm respectively in the first and third months of follow-up. Improvements can also be seen in terms of erect penile length. It was reported that the length of the erect penis increased from 11.5 cm to 12.4 cm and finally 13.2 cm over a period of two months.1

A fact which lends further credence to jelqing as an effective method of penis enlargement.

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Further support for jelqing can be seen in a study conducted in 2013. Researchers reported that after 6 months of vacuum device use, there was a non-statistically significant increase in mean penile length from 7.6 to 7.9 cm.2

While vacuum pumps are used for erectile dysfunction, they also stretch the penis over time through suction. This develops microtears on the penile tissue which over time allows the penis to lengthen and thicken.

With the evidence presented, it is clear that when used in conjunction with a penis pump, jelqing can be an effective method of penis enlargement. Careful and consistent practice combined with a healthy lifestyle is sure to pay off in dividends or in this case girth size.

When jelqing, it is always important that you recognize your limits. If unsure, seek out professional help from a doctor or healthcare professional.

When Your Penis Stops Growing?

The nature of genetics means that people are born different. Characteristics such as height, eye and hair colour, and penis size are mainly reliant on our genes and certain environmental factors.

This explains why some individuals are born with micropenises where in other instances, some are endowed with overly-large members which make sexual penetration impossible.3

In most males, the penis will grow over a period of roughly 18 years from infancy to early adulthood. It is during puberty that the penis develops at an accelerated rate, rapidly increasing in both length and girth.2

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Puberty usually begins from the age of 12 onwards in which the male body rapidly undergoes a variety of changes. For most individuals, puberty stops at the age of 18 and it is also during this time that the penis stops growing.

This would usually mean that once you’ve completed puberty, your penis will remain as it is for the rest of your life. However, thanks to penis enlargement exercises such as jelqing, it has become possible for a man to literally workout his penis and help it to grow in size.

Top 6 Potential Benefits of Jelqing

It’s not an understatement to say that jelqing can change your life for the better. From lasting longer in bed to improving your self-confidence, here are some of the benefits of jelqing.

1. Promotes Girth

Relationships are a two way road and so is sex. Being in bed with your partner should be an enriching experience that brings both of you together. This is why it is important that you enjoy it.

According to a study published by BMC Women’s Health, respondents reported that penis girth was a major factor when it came to sexual satisfaction.4

As jelqing helps to increase penis girth , you will enjoy better confidence which in turn translates to better performance in bed. All of which contributes to a better, more fulfilling sex-life.

2. Enlarges Length

Despite what some of us have been told, size actually does matter. Studies have proven that vaginal orgams do indeed depend on the length of a partner’s penis.5

A longer penis allows you to better stimulate your partner’s g-spot which will result in more intense orgams. Hence improving your sex life and confidence immeasureably as you will be able to cater to your partner’s sexual needs on a greater level.

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3. Makes Your Erections Last Long

It is the age-old question that men have struggled for centuries now; how does one last longer in bed?

Besides enlarging your member, jelqing exercises help you improve muscle control. Thus allowing you -greater control over your penis and improving your sexual stamina. All of which will lead to more intense orgams for you and your partner.

You will now be able to say goodbye to premature ejaculation and say hello to longer erections.

4. You Can Start Doing It Right Now

Jelqing is essentially a collection of exercises and techniques to increase your girth. You won’t need any pills or specialized equipment. It can be performed anywhere and anytime with minimal fuss.

This makes it extremely convenient for anyone looking to increase their girth.

5. It is Safe

When practiced correctly, jelqing is perfectly safe. You won’t have to worry about surgeries or medications of any kind. This makes jelqing one of the best and safest ways to enlarge your penis.

6. Only 20 Minutes of Exercise Effort Are Enough

We are living in busy times and it can be impossible to get an hour to yourself sometimes. Fortunately, jelqing does not require much commitment and even less time.

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All you will need to do is to perform your jelqing exercises for 20 minutes everyday anywhere. This makes it exceptionally convenient for anyone in a rush.

Tips to Make Jelqing Work for You

Like anything else in life, there’s no shortcut to success and jelqing is no different. To effect change, you’ll need plenty of discipline and consistency when jelqing. Here are some tips that we’ve learned from the experts.

1. Be consistent

By stretching out your penile tissue, jelqing causes microtears to develop which stimulates growth and thus lengthens and thickens the penis. To be truly effective, jelqing exercises need to be performed consistently over a period of time for any noticeable changes to be seen.

With time, the microtears will cause the penis to extend and thicken naturally – which is why regular and consistent jelqing is key to success. Working on your penis for 2 weeks and expecting to see a drastic change is simply unrealistic.

2. Lose Weight

While not exactly related to jelqing, working out and losing weight can have a positive effect on your sex life.6 Firstly, losing that beer belly makes you a whole lot more attractive and helps your penis look longer and bigger.

Additionally, being in better shape, you’ll find that you have more energy and stamina to last longer in bed. When combined with a regular jelq routine, you can impress your partner with a stronger sex drive and larger penis.

3. Warm-Up and Warm-Down

Like any other exercise, jelqing can be quite strenuous on your body. This is why it’s essential that you warm-up and warm-down before and after each session.

A warm towel wrapped around the penis is an ideal way to prepare for each session. The warmth relaxes the muscles of your penis and makes stretching them easier.

Post-jelq, taking a warm bath improves blood circulation which speeds up healing and helps relieve soreness. Thus allowing you to jelq more consistently without having to worry about injury.

4. Allow Your Body Time to Recover

Because jelqing causes microtears on penile tissue to stimulate growth, excessive jelqing can actually do more harm than good. Not giving your body sufficient time to rest in between sessions can lead to a buildup of scar tissue or plaque along the penis shaft.

Besides causing pain or swelling, excessive jelqing can affect your ability to have a solid erection. Thus always take time to rest in between sessions.

Tri-weekly jelqing sessions that last 20 – 30 minutes are a good start. Giving yourself a day to rest in between gives your body time to recover from the previous session. This prevents injury and minimizes the risk of you causing damage.

5. Practice Good Technique

The secret to good jelqing lies in the technique. There’s little point in jelqing for hours at a time if you’re not properly stretching your penis. Or even worse, using the wrong technique which ends up hurting you.

As a rule of thumb, you should jelq with a semi-erect penis whilst sitting down. Grip your penis in a firm but gentle hold with your fingers in an OK-symbol. From here, work your way upwards from the base of your penis to the head.

This constitutes one jelq and should be repeated for at least 20 minutes at a time. Stretching out your penis like so allows microtears to form along the shaft thus increasing it’s length.

For a thicker penis, perform a V-jelq by grasping the shaft of the penis with your middle and index finger with the palm facing you. Working your way upwards as so from the base to the head of your penis.

4 Things You Should Never Do When Jelqing

It should always be said that jelqing is not without its fair share of risks. Jelqing incorrectly or not taking the appropriate measures to care for yourself can lead to poor results or injury. To help you have a good experience jelqing, here are 4 common mistakes practitioners often overlook.

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1. Jelqing Without Lubrication

It goes without saying that the skin on your penis is exceptionally sensitive. Because jelqing involves squeezing and pulling your penis, jelqing without lubricants of any kind can cause chafing.

This will easily lead to irritation, redness, and significant discomfort. Lubricants such as those used during intercourse or soap and coconut oil can be used for a much smoother experience. Besides preventing chafing and redness, lubricants make it easier to stretch the penis without causing any pain.

2. Jelqing Excessively

While one may be enthusiastic about growing a larger, thicker penis, it is quite possible to overstrain yourself when jelqing.

Jelqing excessively can in fact damage the penis and cause a build-up of scar tissue. It can also damage the arteries and veins located along the shaft of the penis.

Thus causing pain, bruising, redness, and even increased sensitivity on the penis. A situation which makes it impossible to jelq and may even affect your ability to have strong erections on the long-term.

This is why it’s crucial that jelqing is practiced in moderation. Increasing your penis’s length and girth is a long-term endeavour and should never be rushed.

3. Using Only a Single Technique

Practicing multiple techniques when jelqing allows you to exercise different muscle groups on your penis. For example, the standard “OK” jelq focuses on lengthening the penis whilst V-jelqing focuses on the tissue on the side of the penis thus increasing girth.

Combining multiple jelqing techniques allows a practitioner to work on multiple areas of the penis. Something which is vital towards promoting balanced growth of the penis. Focusing on a single area can result in lopsided development i.e. a long but thin penis or a thick but short one.

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Additionally, using different jelqing techniques helps prevent you from overworking a single muscle group. Thus reducing the risk of a practitioner suffering from an injury.

Are There Any Side-Effects to Consider?

While jelqing is perfectly safe, it is not without its share of risks. Like any exercise, pushing yourself too far will only result in injuries and other medical complications.

Pacing yourself and recognizing your limits are essential if you want to jelq safely. When in doubt, speak to a healthcare professional and always take adequate time to rest and recover.

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Your body will definitely need time to recuperate so don’t get overexcited and remember that it’s a marathon to the finish not a 100m sprint.

If you experience any of these symptoms, STOP IMMEDIATELY:

1. Bruising on the penis

Jelqing should be done slowly and steadily in order to cause microtears on the penile tissue. However, some impatient practitioners looking for quick results may inadvertently stroke the shaft of the penis with excessive force.

This will lead to bruising which can be extremely unpleasant and make sex painful. Hence avoid getting yourself into this situation by gently stroking and not gripping yourself too hard.

2. Red or irritated skin

The skin on your penis is extremely sensitive which is why you need to lube up before you perform your exercises. Chaffing caused by jelqing is extremely unpleasant and can lead to inflamed skin.

To prevent this from occurring, move slowly but steadily and keep to a rhythm. If your skin feels irritated, consider applying baby powder or moisturiser. Reducing friction is a good way to prevent your skin from getting irritated.

3. Numbness

Excessive jelqing can be extremely dangerous as you may end up damaging blood vessels and nerve endings. Constantly traumatising your penile tissue without allowing it to recover can cause a buildup of plaque and scar tissue.


Consequently, feeling in the penis is significantly diminished which affects your organs. On an even more frightening note, excessive jelqing can cause Peyronie’s disease – a condition which causes the penis to curve and possible erectile dysfunction.

Thus at the first sign of discomfort, stop immediately and give your body time to recover. If the symptoms persist, contact your local urologist immediately

Jelqing Devices: Should You Invest In One?

Sometimes, a little mechanical assistance is in order if you want to push the limits of your body. Aside from providing additional traction, jelqing devices are a great way of getting a penis workout.

Jelqing with your hand is a tiring and time-consuming exercise. Jelqing devices have the advantage of being able to apply consistent levels of force to your member for an extended period of time. Thus allowing you to achieve better results within a shorter span of time.

These contraptions come in a variety of shapes and sizes with differing designs. Generally speaking, jelqing devices work by fixing one end to the base of the penis and the other at the head. From here, force is applied on the handle to stretch the penis out.

It ought to be noted that jelqing devices vary greatly in quality. With the unregulated nature of the market, you may end up purchasing an ineffective device at best or end up injuring yourself during its operation at worst.

As a rule of thumb, you should always familiarize yourself with the machine before actually using it. Always remember that the incorrect operating of the device can inflict severe damage to your unit.

Finally, devices that promise quick and guaranteed results are usually a scam. Jelqing is a gradual process that works by giving your penis time to naturally grow in size.

Alternative Options to Jelqing

For some practitioners, jelqing on its own is simply not enough. Because of this, some choose to supplement their routines with other methods. Natural penis enlargement makes use of the body’s ability to heal and grow without resorting to pills or surgery.

One major advantage that jelqing and other techniques have over more invasive methods is the significantly lower risk to reward ratio. A botched surgical procedure or random pills ordered over the internet are more likely to leave you out of pocket and injured with little-to-no results.

This is why we’ve put together a variety of jelqing alternatives which can be done on their own or in conjunction with jelqing.

1. Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps are cylindrical devices that utilize negative pressure to increase blood flow to the penis. From a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), vacuum pumps were able to significantly improve blood circulation to the penis.7

Engorging the penis’s arteries and veins with blood, caused the member to swell and become thicker over time. While vacuum pumps are primarily used to treat erectile dysfunction, they can also be used as a means to mechanically enlarge the penis.

However, it needs to be noted that vacuum pumps are not without their fair share of risks. Excessive use of the vacuum pump can cause blood vessels to rupture thus causing blood clots, redness, and tenderness in the penis.

The damage inflicted on the penis caused by vacuum pump overuse can also lead to less potent erections and may even cause erectile dysfunction in more extreme cases.

2. Penile Extenders

Penile extenders of penis extenders are devices that stretch a flaccid penis for an extended period of time. These devices function work in two ways – the first being placing a weight on the flaccid penis, thus allowing it to gradually stretch over time.

The second technique involves placing the flaccid penis into a traction device that stretches the penis.

A 2009 issue of the British Journal of Urology (BJU), reported that men who wore penile extenders for a period of 6 months experienced a 36% increase in flaccid penis length.8

Additionally, participants of the test enjoyed a 32% increase in erectile function which showcases the effectiveness of such devices.

Further evidence of this can be seen in a NHS report that acknowledges that men with smaller penises saw a visible impact on penis size when using penile extenders.9

Besides being effective, penile extenders are discreet and can be worn throughout the day with minimal fuss. Thus allowing a wearer to passively increase his penis size.

Despite all of this, penile extender can be quite risky when used incorrectly. The strain placed on the penis can lead to tissue damage which reduces an individual’s ability to have erections.

Before making use of a penile extender, schedule a session with your urologist for more information. He/she can then advise you on the best course of action moving forwards.

3. Kegel Exercises

It may come as a surprise to hear that Kegel exercises can also benefit men. Whilst these exercises may not directly increase your penis length or girth, it can go a long way towards improving your sex life.


Kegel exercises target and strengthen your body’s pubococcygeal (PC) muscles which in turn reduce incontinence, improve bowel control, and increase sexual function.10

A study conducted by the Sexual Medicine Reviews determined that men who performed regular Kegel exercises enjoyed more intense orgasms and had increased erectile function.11 This means that these exercises will help you last longer in bed while letting you enjoy sex to a greater degree.

By targeting the PC muscles, Kegel exercises improve blood flow to the penis which equate to greater sexual stamina and give the look of a larger penis. Thus improving your confidence in the bedroom and boosting your performance as a sexual partner. All of which can do wonders to improve your sex life and relationship.


Jelqing and its techniques are proven to be an effective method of penis enlargement. Instead of relying on medicines or surgery, natural exercise will help you change your life. By carefully applying these techniques and remaining consistent in your exercises, you’ll be able to enjoy an increased girth length.

This will allow you to improve your sex life by better satisfying your partner in bed while also giving you an immense confidence boost. On the long-term, you’ll find yourself enjoying life more and having better sex.

However, you’ll also need to be careful when jelqing and remember to set realistic goals and take breaks. Avoid overexertion and inconsistency. Take care of yourself and ensure that you supply your body with the nutrition it needs to stay strong and healthy.

At the end of the road, you’ll find that all of the effort and struggle was worth it all along.

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